RITUAL SERIES I: Dark Moon Salts

RITUAL SERIES I: Dark Moon Salts
One of the ways you might begin to incorporate Ritual into your life is by following the guidance of the Moon. The two phases that I like to work with in Ceremony are the New Moon and Full Moon. Following the Moon cycles through Ritual is an opportunity to slow down, to discover the subtleties and the mysteries within you, to connect with your inner power and reverence away from all of the societal chatter as we turn our gaze inward.
The Dark or the New Moon is the first phase of the lunar cycle. It is the two or three days when the moon is not visible in the sky and contrary to what the calendar suggests, the New Moon is not just one day, her energy can in fact be felt one day before and one day after - this is the fluidity and the gentleness she gifts us, gradually settling into each phase, allowing herself and us to ease into it, gifting us the time and space to gracefully embody her wisdom.
This three-day journey that is the Dark Moon phase is a time to discard things that you don’t want. It is the phase in which we contemplate our accomplishments from the previous phase and begin to discover the seeds you want to plant in the future. This is a time to go inward and to let go. Because once we let go, we can become clear on what we want and the intentions that we wish to set as she grows in size and energy from New to Full. The New Moon or Dark Moon is that blank canvas, the place from which we observe where we are now and allow the visions for where we want to be.
New Moon Bathing Ritual with the Dark Moon Salts
I created this potion several years ago in a way to essentially double up on my rituals all at once. As a mother, it can be hard to find spare time to do all the magical things I desire to do. So I thought, how can I channel a protection ritual and energy clearing together with my ‘me time’ in a way that felt luxurious and sensual all at once? Dark Moon Salts was born. Before every New Moon Ritual I would host in person, I would make these salts just for me and bathe: bathe with intentions of a protective cloak around me and the circle I cast. I would whisper the words of transformation and deep healing to come to all that I welcome.
Salt is full of minerals that helps to relax the muscles and release tension. This deeply relaxing form of bathing promotes a deeper sleep. Sodium and Potassium that naturally occur in salt helps to deeply cleanse the skin and increases circulation within the body - the combination of these releases and support, help us to feel like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders - so that we can simply let go and allow rest to begin.
These handmade salts have been created with the intention for use in Dark/New Moon Ritual bathing and ceremonies (although you can use them whenever you desire). A hypnotic scent featuring smokey earth notes and a sound when touched that reminds us of shells and pebbles beneath our feet. These salts have been created as a full sensual experience reminiscent of ancient ceremonies and rites and walks amongst old-growth forests leaving a rich and warm shadow of fragrance on the skin for several hours.
The scent is deeply sensual — I was channelling Circe and Eros when I created it and it lasts all day on the skin.
Deeply, cleansing and nurturing these salts are for lovers of the woods, emanating an intoxicating depth that comes from the fragrance profile of whole Frankincense.
These salts will remove any negative energy from the energetic body with the affection of mineral-rich dead sea salt and magnesium chloride while cleaning the physical body with activated charcoal. A must have for ritualists to prepare for their chosen rites and ceremonies.
It has been such a powerful go to that I even created a ‘limited edition’ soap to refine it even more for those times (literally time) where bathing is simply not an option. I am so honoured to be able to share both the Dark Moon Soap and Dark Moon Salts with you all and hope that they support you in your sacred rites and rituals as much as they have for me.
Ritual Suggestion
On the New Moon I like to take time to go inward. As this phase of the Moon is characterised with letting go, bathing is my preferred way to wash anything that does not serve me away.
Water is a beautiful element to do releasing work with as it literally washes, purifies, makes everything clean - water refreshes, closing the previous cycle and welcoming the new.
I recommend lighting a candle at the beginning of a bathing ritual and having overhead lights off so you can gift your nervous system a much-needed break to settle and rest – instead opt to light candles to provide gentle light and watch your stress levels melt away.
After running a bath, take some of the salts and feel them in your hand, their crackling and shattering sounds (think of those sounds in nature) with each sprinkle you place into the bath speak words of intention into the water, such as:
I go about my days with ease and grace.
I summon all power to come back to me.
Once you have filled the bath with the desired amount of bathing salts, slowly allow yourself to submerge.
Once you are laying in the tub, take a moment to enjoy the sensation. Make the whole experience sensual and connect with the scents, the warmth against your skin, allow your body to melt into the water and feel yourself supported: in this moment there is nothing to do but be.
Next, speak those words of intention, your personal affirmations out loud three times and then dunk your head under the water anointing yourself with your words of wisdom. As you lay in the water connect with the sacred smells emanating from the bath and connect with how it would feel to be love, joy and magnetic or more simply your intention.
Bask and enjoy the feeling and experience for however long you like!
When you are finished with your bath, be thankful to yourself for gifting this moment in time, the gift of reverence.
Bathing rituals are also the perfect way to end your day. So don’t only reserve this Ritual for once a month. Indulge the senses through the art of luxuriating and releasing whatever experiences you may have had throughout your day.
As many of you know my practice is rooted in Earth-based spirituality and so all my products are of the Earth, sustainably sourced or cultivated by me and each element is tenderly combined while nurturing their finest organic qualities that surpass any clean beauty standard.
Discover the Dark Moon Salts or our ‘Limited Edition’ Dark Moon Soap

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