Creating an altar, a point of reference
Calming the mind
To connect to our desires.
There is a prevalent idea in society that we must be go-getters, that we must do it all, work hard and run ourselves to the bone to get what we want. My view and the view I see our world moving toward is much more gentle. We are discovering that the former idea is outdated and we can instead invite a kinder approach.
"The world comes to you in oceans. E v e r y t h i n g you need and desire is within and around you, waiting for you to access it. All you have to do is be open to receive."
There are three pillars on which I strive to build my business. When you visit The Ritual, when you purchase my Ritual tools or Ritual Kits to support your journey, when you attend my workshops and share in my offerings, my hope is to heal the wounds that say we aren’t good enough, empower you to make your own choices, and open you to the possibility of creating manifestations within this beautiful life of yours.
This is what I value The Art of Ritual for and why I dedicated my life’s work to supporting your discovery of it. In my practice, Ritual allows us to create moments in space to access the inherent magick within you.
The Art of Ritual is a big part of the teachings that we learn throughout Reclaiming Sacred. There are infinite moments in time to connect to the Divine within us and I act as a guide as we discover the ways to open these channels for you to see the subtleties, the guidance, the magick that lives within you and that is yearning to guide you. We are never navigating this life alone - we journey with the Divine.
For me, creating an altar is part of the magick. An altar is a point of reference, a way to focus our energy on a specific intention. People often hear the word altar and think of elaborate, gilded shrines with esoteric pieces handed down as heirlooms or discovered in Sacred places. As beautiful as this sounds, this is not the point of an altar. The altar must be sacred to you and must be fitted with an object(s) that has personal value to you and your current journey and intention. And yes, an altar can be just one object placed on your nightstand so long as it is intentional to you, has meaning to you. It is not the beautiful, overly gilded shrines that make an altar Sacred. Intention is what makes the object Sacred and amplifies the power you receive from it.
Many of the objects I choose to fill my altar with are elements from the Earth and Nature. The Earth has always been a point of connection for me and my practice of Earth-based Spirituality has deepened my reverence and admiration for what we can receive from the vast natural world, she who gives us so much. There is a purity and respect that comes from adorning your space with elemental magick and that awakens and reminds us of our connection to everything and that we are not stagnant, but ever-changing, evolving souls.
Understanding our interconnectedness allows us to work in unison with everything around us; we are in flow with the divine Earth and her cyclical nature and in turn we embody our own divinity in the present moment.
When I look to my altar, the noise around me fades and the visual reminder serves as a pause for my busy mind. Altars ensure I return to a moment of stillness. I have created many altars throughout my home and these are spaces that remind me of my why in anything I do. Because there is an intention behind everything that you put on your altar. Your altar serves to remind you of your desires… It is the point from which you access the inner realms and begin to create magick.
In this sacred moment, Infinity speaks to you and you open yourself to receive.
We are only just beginning our 13-week journey, this is part of what we will be learning in Reclaiming Sacred: Sacred Art of Ritual and the Act of Creating Altars. Part of my work is to empower and that begins by breaking down the idea that altars have to be or look a certain way. My aim is to encourage you to take your power back, reminding you of your liberty to choose what you want to connect to, who you want to connect with, what you want to receive in your life.
The life I envision for you is lived on your own terms.
Through these various practices, you will discover how you might begin to bring your manifestations to life by creating an intention for this Sacred Space in your home.
Although registrations for Reclaiming Sacred are closed for this current cycle, there are other ways to connect with me. I host a monthly New Moon gathering, open to all in which you get a glimpse into the touchstones of The Art of Ritual and Sacred Space. I am also very soon to return recording new episodes of Hidden Mysteries by the Ritual Podcast in which you can get to know me and what I am about a little more.
There is so much of You to discover and meeting yourself with the elements that touch your life is the first step toward being supported in order to create the life of your dreams.
As always, thank you so much for being here.
Much love, Brooke xx

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