Now that we are out of the cosmic fog, the approaching energy feels more grounding. With this being Earth Month and settling into Taurus Season, I wanted to highlight my deep reverence and respect for the Earth. On my feed, I came across the word Dendrophile, defined as one who finds poetry in the forest’s heart, one who feels a deep connection with the woods, and a lover of trees. I have been practising Earth-based Spirituality for as long as I can remember, discovering ways to nurture more deeply this intense love and respect I have for the Goddess.

"Delving into the soul of flowers and plants unveils a profound avenue for self-discovery and healing."

I approach plants from a perspective that goes beyond mere biochemical analysis, delving into their essence and connection to the natural world. Rather than focusing solely on the chemical makeup of plants, I consider their holistic nature—where they thrive, their energetic properties, and even the planets they may be associated with. This holistic view, akin to that of homoeopathy, allows me to see past the individual parts of a plant and tap into its healing essence. By utilising the entire plant—its chemistry, energetics, and spirit—I aim to address the holistic well-being of individuals on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. I believe true healing goes beyond superficial remedies, offering transformational levels of wellness that I feel are desperately needed in today's world.

Delving into the soul of flowers and plants unveils a profound avenue for self-discovery and healing. Beyond alleviating physical discomfort, they can nurture holistic well-being by reducing stress and cortisol levels, relieving inflammation, and fostering inner peace. They are conduits of profound transformation, guiding us towards a life imbued with happiness, purpose, and freedom from constraining influences. Through the poetry of flowers and their energetic support, we embark on a journey of profound healing, aligning with our true selves and unlocking the boundless potential within.

"Embrace the profound wisdom of nature's healing touch, where reverence for Earth unlocks the boundless potential within."

For these reasons, I choose to formulate all my products with whole plant materials, reflecting the wisdom of traditional herbalism passed down through generations. While modern extraction methods and fancy lab concentrations may tout potency, I prefer to honour the body's innate ability to heal itself with gentle care and a nurturing touch. Just as I wouldn't bathe in a tub of tomato sauce despite enjoying it on pizza due to potential skin reactions, I choose to tread lightly with skincare, favouring ancestral practices over trendy or hyped-up approaches. By utilising hand-pressing and grinding tools reminiscent of ancient apothecaries, I aim to create products that not only honour the Earth's bounty but also honour you, the individual seeking true nourishment and balance.

At the Ritual, our products are exclusively crafted from whole plants, devoid of chemicals or preservatives. We harness pure plant essence and magick, meticulously prepared in micro batches. While time-intensive, it's a reminder of Earth's patience, inviting us to delve deeper into its lessons. Personally, I've always favoured artisanal over mass-produced goods. There's a romantic quality in knowing that someone has crafted something with their own hands and skill, evoking a deep sense of reverence and love.

My latest creation embodies the romantic guidance that comes from the connection with Feminine archetypes. The Goddess Drops are a testament to my reverence for plants and my ability to combine them into a sweet, melodious infusion that pays homage to my understanding of these Archetypes. Each blend of organic and wild-harvested flower essences was carefully selected, inspired by and for their energetic and healing properties. With each Archetype, Aphrodite, Hekate, and Saraswati, the Goddess Drops open a gateway to the divine within yourself, allowing these ancient archetypes to guide and support you on your journey to empowerment and self-discovery. Explore each goddess description to identify which Goddess resonates with you and let their sacred energy illuminate your path.


Let us carry forward the love and reverence we've cultivated for our planet and its bountiful offerings. May our connection with nature continue to inspire us to tread gently upon the Earth, nurturing Her beauty and abundance with each step. Let this month serve as a reminder of the profound healing and empowerment found in our deep relationship with the natural world. Together, let us honour and protect the Earth, not just for this month, but for every month that follows, weaving our love for nature into the fabric of our lives.


So much love,

Brooke x

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