THE RITUAL holds its responsibilities to the Environment, Work Health & Safety and Ethics in the highest regard and have made these three fundamentals a core part of our business model. We continuously seek out and implement positive change in all areas of our supply chain and production and develop new practises to achieve more effective sustainability and transparency.



We are implementing key steps to reduce and/or offset carbon emissions, and have a goal of becoming a carbon neutral enterprise by 2023, and carbon negative following the achievement of this. A major part is the use of 100% solar power at our main production facility by 2022.​



We are a donating member to One Percent For The Planet and commit to donate 1% of all sales to this initiative, which connects us to various not-for-profit organisations, all of which can put this money to good use in a multitude of amazing environmental and social programs globally.


Our Production and dispatch facilities must meet or exceed all local environmental standards and we continuously seek out opportunities to reduce waste in our supply chain and production, utilise recycled materials and recycle as much packaging material as possible. 


Water use is minimised within the hand made process of our products and any wastewater is appropriately managed and not disposed of into the environment or watershed without any obligatory world class treatment. We have the goal of the usage of collected rainwater for all water requirements by 2023. No chlorinated or fluoridated water is used in any of our processes. Our beeswax candles have been poured by hand and filtered with rain water to no tarnish the medicinal properties of the organic beeswax.


A conscious effort has been made to ensure local production in small batches. Labels and product packaging is made from FSC paper and each product is carefully curated, labelled and packaged by hand. We have strived to eliminate the use of plastics wherever practicable and possible and ensure any plastics used are either recyclable or derived from non-petrochemical sources.


A great deal of effort has been undertaken to ensure all the ingredients and substances utilised in the production of our products are food grade ORGANIC certified wherever possible and/or sustainably sourced, grown or harvested where food and organic certifications do not apply.


Each candle within the ritual kits is hand-poured in Byron Bay with organic beeswax that is some of the cleanest beeswax in the world. Why? Because it is made using only harvested rainwater to filter the beeswax in most cases, chlorinated water is used in the processing that ultimately removes all of the critical properties. The entire process of making these beeswax candles is done by only solar power with absolutely no wastage. I have visited the beehives in person and every step is taken to support and nurture the bees and their environment. What I love most is that you will notice the subtle colour variation in the beeswax season to season, showcasing the seasonal fauna the bees have foraged. It does not get more pure than that. The smell is like pure honey infusing your space and just further adds to the ritualistic experience.


We have carefully sourced palo santo that has only been processed from trees that have died naturally in the forest. This allows our supplier traceability from its planting, picking, transformation, and commercialisation is a sustainable and responsible method. The Palo Santo is harvested in a way that helps protect the palo santo tree where not one bit is wasted by waiting for the tree to die on its own (usually after 30 years and then left to lay on the ground for 2-4 years). Our palo santo is not machete cut, but machine cut, as there can be a lot of waste and a lot of labour accidents and injuries when done the typical way with a machete. Sacredness is lost when we disrespect palo santo. Our efforts are devoted to offering you eco-friendly and sustainable produced palo santo and not contributing to this sacred product's illegal forestation. Our supplier also has a reforestation program in place to regenerate the deceased palo santo tree with a new tree planted.


Our white sage sticks are ethically grown and harvested in California sustainably in compliance with CA PC384(a).



Each crystal is handpicked by founder Brooke directly inside our importer's warehouse. We have chosen to work with this unique crystal importer, not just for their exceptional quality crystals but also because they place a strong emphasis on employing local indigenous women. Every crystal that Brooke picks by hand is then carefully cleansed in a 1% diluted salt and water bath and charged outside overnight on the full moon of that month, ready to be packaged and sent to buyers in its full power. 

“The environment is so fundamental to our continued existence that it must transcend politics and become a central value of all members of society”— David Suzuki

As a business we will continue to clearly communicate expectations around our environmental policies and make ongoing improvements to ensure any and all standards are not just met but exceeded.