We are riding the winds of change. As we transition into a New Year and welcome Capricorn Season, we exhale endings and inhale the energy of beginnings. But I am not one to put such importance on these dates, constructed for us by society. For me, everyday is a new beginning, an opportunity to literally inhale a new day because it is a blessing to be alive, to greet our Selves and the Earth and the Elements; to commune with oneself as we navigate this incredible journey of life.
As tempting as it is to reset in January, I want to remind you not to put so much pressure on yourself. In these uncertain times, we are doing the best we can and sometimes the best is making it through each day – and with all the work I’ve been doing behind the scenes, I know firsthand what that's like! Society puts deadlines and pressure on us to make us feel less than, to make us afraid, to make us feel like we are not good enough and I say to hell with all of it! I am my own woman! I am Sovereign within myself! And I know how I want to feel. Society tells us this is the right time to begin again and to that I say: if you only knew how many times in these past years I’ve risen from the ashes, that I have created alchemy, that I have let go to surrender to something greater.
Any moment you choose is an opportunity to begin again.
The Ritual is an example of that. Those of you who have been with me from the beginning know that this is not the first iteration of this platform and community. What began humbly, years ago in a studio has moved to the interwebs; has delivered live and recorded classes; has known new content and ideas; has seen products be created and developed; has seen women rise, change and transform their situations; has supported healing; has invited intention and magick…
These were never clear intentions from the beginning. Of course, I had goals and ideas and these have become what you see today but, I could never have imagined The Ritual to be what it is today when the idea was just a seedling, was just a desire to share and to connect with women who, like me, were craving to make magick with their experience with life. The expansion, the changes, the growth came from keeping one foot in front of the other, from moving forward one step at a time with my Intuition as my guide. The Ritual came to be by simply beginning (and beginning again...).
And so, although it is the New Year, I invite you to begin each day asking yourself: What do I need today? What is calling me? What makes my heart beat faster and would fill up my soul? How do I want to know and connect with myself today? It doesn’t have to be building a brand -- it is simply an invitation to check in, to pause and ask yourself what you need, what you desire. If this exercise is foreign to you, start small. Maybe your body is craving a bath when you get home. Maybe you just need to take three d e e p breaths before cooking a meal or tending to your family. Maybe you… (can take a moment of stillness each day, in any moment to answer this question and in doing so, honouring yourself).
It is through these simple acts of presence and intention that you begin cultivating the experience of Ritual -- by creating experiences that are unique to you; creating moments that honour you and your deepest desires.
I invite you to begin this year by honouring you and see where it takes you.
As always, thank you for being here, my loves. I have so much magick planned for you all this year and I cannot wait to connect with you all in Reclaiming Sacred.
Until then, I am sending you much love,
Brooke xx

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