We are interconnected to everything. As I wrote in my piece about The Elements: we are connected to everything. We are made of the same elements as that which we find in nature, the animal kingdom, the stars and the cosmos… everything is interconnected. Understanding our interconnectedness allows us to work in unison with everything around us; we are in flow with the divine Earth and her cyclical nature and in turn, we embody our own divinity.
But most of society has forgotten this truth. We have become very disconnected from our cyclical natures and thereby the cyclical natures of the Earth.
This is the reason Earth-Based Spirituality is at the centre of my offering, The Mystery School. Earth-based Spirituality connects us to the elements and reminds us to honour all forms of life and as a result, recognize the cyclicatity throughout the natural world and within ourselves.
Today, June 21, we celebrate Solstice, Summer Solstice in the North and Winter Solstice in the South.
Summer Solstice or Litha is connected to the Fire Element and it is a time where we celebrate virility, growth, and success. The energies we can tap into are growth, healing, and love. This is the longest day of the year and the Sun God, Helios, is at the peak of his virility and the Sun Goddess is with child: crops are growing heartily and the Earth is fertile and happy, which translates to internal happiness and warmth. It is creation and creativity; it is a time of ease, pleasure, and play.
Winter Solstice or Yule is connected to the Earth Element and is a time where we celebrate the coming of the Sun; it is the beginning of longer days and more sunshine. The energies that you might choose to work with during this time is reflection, rebirth, transformation and creativity. This is the longest night of the year and celebrates the sun that is yet to come - although it has not yet arrived, we anticipate its coming and are able to go inward to reflect and project that emerging vision. It is a time of hope within the fertile darkness.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience. And so, since we have our foundations planted firmly on this Earth, it is important that we live by her natural cycles, rather than against them. We are not a-part of nature - we are nature.
This month at The Mystery School, I outlined the Wheel of the Year and discussed the energies associated with each of these Sabbat Dates. Knowledge is power and in knowing about the events and cycles within the Wheel of the Year, we can be more connected to the Earth and her cycles and begin honouring the seasons as part of you. I invite you to sign up to the Mystery School and discover the magick we can choose to tap into throughout the Year and as always, choose to practice The Sacred Art of Ritual by using the information I share to craft beautiful ceremonies and moments of pause and reverence around the events that speak to you. By celebrating the Earth and setting aside time as sacred, you honour yourself and the Earth.

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