"We are all creative beings. The ability to create is innate to us... we just have to step out of the way."
We are creative beings. Creation is part of our DNA. As humans, creation is part of the feminine archetype within each of us. Creativity expands the mind; creativity stretches our mind beyond the ordinary human comprehension. The mind is elastic, capable of transcending and discerning complex ideas. The mind is the place where our dreams are manifested. And we have the ability to manifest anything that we desire; anything that we can hold in our mind can become a reality - we can bring it into being.
Every single piece of information that I share through my platform that is The Ritual, I take hours and hours to research, learn, integrate and share through the Mystery School - the creations are a living transmission, each piece is a different limb of creation, to connect you to your creative genius and unleash it to be interdependent and interactive with the life you choose to design.
But my creativity is not always flowing - I am not always “on”. What is rarely mentioned when we talk about creativity is death. Creation and Death are in fact two sides of the same coin - we cannot have one without the other. As with everything in the universe, creativity, like woman, like the moon, like the seasons, is cyclical in nature. Creativity travels: it moves from a quickening and rising in energy; gathers that energy to the birth and the ecstasy that flourishes from that birth; and then we experience the decline and then death. There is cyclical living, all the time, in everything.
And contrary to what we have been told, creativity is not something that we labour - we do not labour art; we do not labour children; we do not labour a book; we do not labour meals; we do not labour caring for someone... we cultivate, incubate, and birth. We birth as a divine expression of ecstasy, of love, of creativity.
So no matter what you do, it is all done within the sacred container of creative flow - it honours the process of incubation, of rising, of birth, and of death that is inherent to anything that flows through us as creation, as creativity.
So when we feel a lull or decline in our creativity, we must choose instead to dance with the stagnation. It is at this time that we are asked to embrace and to honour it rather than let ourselves be consumed by it. We cannot let setbacks destroy our creative flow, we cannot let rejection and criticism be the reason we choose to stop and embrace stagnation. We simply need to find more joy and adventure in our life and blow the air onto the ember within ourselves that never goes out, that is always glowing deep within. Don’t fight the current, ride it.
In my recent lecture in the Mystery School, I discussed The Flow of Creativity. In it, I pulled on Ancient Greek mythology and told the story of Demeter and Persephone (there is so much truth and so many lessons to be discovered through mythos). I allowed the story to guide the lesson and throughout the telling, revealed the cyclical flow of creativity as I introduced each of its phases as it is shown in their story. I invite you to discover the magick, the knowledge and the teachings I share within this sacred container. When you sign up for a membership to The Mystery School, you have access to all of the content in The Vault. Through this woven offering, it is my honour and commitment to guide each woman back to their inner throne of Sacred and Self Sovereignty. I invite you to join and discover your unique essence, to play and blow air into the creative ember that lives within you.

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