In last week’s post, I shared with you the way we can connect to the Sacred within. The inner temple that we connect to when we tune into our breath is the most Sacred Space that we can experience. The breath is truly the gateway to reverence because it becomes a reference point to our beliefs, to our atmosphere; it helps to eliminate blockages in the body and in the spiritual plane - it opens us up to ourselves.
But we can also seek Sacred Spaces outside of ourselves. Sacred Spaces are places that we go to connect with intention and while I will always say that connecting to the Sacred Space within is arguably most important, we can discover many benefits in creating Sacred Spaces in our own lives. It is important to recognize that we can create these sacred spaces in our homes, in our offices, in our cars, in our relationships, in all aspects of our lives.
We have become very disconnected to our ability to create these spaces for ourselves because of the fact that much of our daily lives is disconnected from the elements, the seasons, the phases of the moon, to Earth - we have become separate to all of this that is sacred.
Creating an altar can be a way to focus our energy to a specific intention. It becomes a reference point for you to reconnect to you, to remind you of the things you value.
People often say to me: “I’m so attracted and drawn to all of this but I don’t even know where to start.” I have a list of books that I recommend, but the first thing I suggest is setting up a simple altar or intentional space. A place where you can sit and contemplate, meditate, and focus on intention. A place where you can listen. It doesn’t have to be elaborate (as much as elaborate altars are pleasing and beautiful to look at) — it can be a simple representation of whoever/whatever you feel drawn to. Choosing a photo of a special ancestor, a card that represents a guide, a deity, an angel, the earth... something that you can sit with and pray to on a regular basis. It can even be as simple as turning a candle on when it’s time to sit and meditate/pray. Having a place to burn some incense to send your prayers and intentions up. Keeping a small bowl of water as an offering, or having a dish available to place offerings on as you see fit. Sitting in this space once a day and verbalising or quietly meditating upon your intentions regularly is a great way to start. After a connection is made with the spirit on your altar, taking this time to quietly listen to messages coming your way is a great next step.⠀
When you create your altar, you begin to adorn it with pieces that are special and unique to you - objects, photos, crystals, herbs, flowers that mean something to you or that which you are trying to call in, that which will remind you of your why, your soul’s purpose, your intention.
Altars, in this way, become a point of reference and remembrance. 
An altar can help you to channel your intention into a specific desired manifestation. With the power of your intention and presence it sends a powerful message into the subconscious mind, reprogramming the influential part of your beliefs, allowing you to see your intention become a reality through the senses. It sends a specific message - you are intentionally removing confusion and loss in your life from the clutter that was into a defined, clear and balanced frequency that has no choice but to instill harmony in that environment and therefore within you.
Because there is an intention behind everything that you put on your altar. ⠀
And as I mentioned, an altar doesn’t have to be elaborate. If the closest thing to an altar that you have in your room is the bedside table that you keep your phone on, it may be time to add a little crystal flair to that restful sleep space. Setting up an altar is a way to dictate what energy you draw into your room. Just seeing what is sacred to you before you go to bed and when you wake up, can be an important visual reminder of what you want in life and what energy you need to embody in order to manifest that reality. This is a space for items that you have a strong connection to. Once you’ve finished setting up an altar, you’re ready to begin a mindful morning ritual that solidifies your connection to this sacred space.
This past month in my course Awaken by The Ritual, we discussed Altars and Creating Sacred Space within ourselves and in various physical spaces in our lives. I discussed different types of altars and even spoke to everyday objects that people often overlook that are in fact portable altars, altars that we can have with us or bring with us wherever we go. As always, each and all of these lectures are saved in The Vault and are left as a resource for you to go back to, connect to, or call upon whenever you need them on your journey to yourself. The Course is my way of sharing all of my knowledge and resources with you. Part of my life assignment is to give you the tools and teachings to educate and empower you to take ownership and responsibility for the beautiful life that you desire to create. There are different membership options available and I have done my best to make these affordable for an exchange of a wealth of knowledge. My hope is that you join myself and a beautiful, collective of women all on a similar journey.

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